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in may 2016 在16 年五月

sell in may 五月卖出 5月抛股离场 双语对照 例句: 1. Lessons learnt at your grandmother's knee can be hard to apply. "Sell in may and go away" sounds easy enough, but when in may? 老生常谈很难派上用常“5月抛股离潮听上去很容易,但...

is the singing contest in may,too 也在歌咏比赛中 双语对照 例句: 1. The party may contest the decision and request a superior people's court to reconsider it. 对决定不服的,可以向上一级人民法院申请复议一次。 2. Fines and detent...

in may 在五月 Sticky weather in May and June clobbered sales of Thorntons 'chocolates. 五六月湿热的天气严重影响了桑顿巧克力的销售。

on 1. at six o’clock, at noon, at that time, at half past three, at mid-night„ 表示点钟或具体时间点用at 2.on Sunday, on New Year’s Day, on March 21st, on my birthday „ 表示具体某一天或者有意义的特殊日子用on, 如 On c...


It's in May. 分析 在某年/月/季度前用 in 具体到某一天前用 on 在时刻前用 at

it's usually in may 通常可能是 usually 英[ˈju:ʒuəli] 美[ˈjuːʒuəli] adv.通常,经常,平常,惯常地; 一直,向来; 动不动,一般; 素; [例句]Real estate agents usually handle property sales for other ...

你好 意思是它可能 具体要结合后面的语境来判断 希望回答对你有帮助

yes, it is.

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